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KAS Krupnikas on

KAS Krupnikas on

KAS Krupnikas was featured in an article all about krupnikas being made in the United States on’s National site which has over 10 million visits a day! Check it out below. 

Meet Krupnikas: A Lithuanian Spirit That Tastes Like Honey
New distilleries are introducing Americans to this old world drink
by Marguerite Preston,

Krupnikas is, by no means, a bartending staple. The warmly spiced and thickly sweet honey liqueur from Lithuania is a drink traditionally made at home, shared with family, and gifted to friends. Until about three years ago, most who drank it in the U.S. were Lithuanian, or had ties to Poland or Belarus, where the variation is called krupnik. But now, a handful of tiny distilleries scattered across the country are trying to change that.

The basic recipe for krupnikas was supposedly invented in the 16th century by the Benedictine monks of a monastery in what is now Belarus. It may have originally been their affordable, home-brewed alternative to imported wine and mead, but it quickly became wildly popular among the local nobility. From there, the recipe spread to Poland, and now lives on in hundreds of iterations—hundreds of secret family recipes—made in kitchens across Lithuania, Poland, and Belarus.

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