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What is Krupnikas?

Krupnikas is a sweet alcoholic drink that is popular in Lithuania as well as Poland (known there as “Krupnik”). Legend has it that Benedictine monks created Krupnikas in the 1500s. Made with sweet honey and warm spices, it became the drink of choice in the Polish and Lithuanian communities as a way to celebrate holidays, weddings, and even just the everyday. Though the Soviets shut down production for many years, krupnikas lived on through closely guarded family recipes, which have been passed down through the generations.

KAS Krupnikas is a family recipe distilled with local honey and a secret blend of spices

Each Krupnikas family recipe may vary from another, distinguishing the KAS brand from its counterparts. KAS is bottled by hand in upstate New York and is a true small-batch, artisanal spirit.

Featuring spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, caraway seeds, cloves, and saffron, Krupnikas is more than just a honey-flavored liqueur, it’s an experience for the senses.

Kas Krupnikas